French Terracotta Statue


French terracotta sculpture from the Provence depicting a young woman with folded hands against her beautiful garment

A wonderful movement in the garment, with very realistic folds in her dress

There are floral carvings in her dress and lovely decorations in the belt

A graceful statue with a lovely face and very detailed hair

There are old rests of white paint on this statue, it was probably totally white painted back in time

Some imperfections on this statue, the hands got damaged a long time ago and the base has a fracture on the back but that doesn’t change anything to the wonderful appearance of this statue

The beautiful weathered patina from beeing outside all these years makes this a very desirable piece, this piece can be placed inside and out but careful with old terracotta in wintertime

Dating from the late 19th century, worn with age, this piece is in wonderful condition


102 cm wide

20 x 25 cm base

30 cm wide